segunda-feira, setembro 13, 2004

579. Sou uma Estrela

Por sugestão do blog da minha amiga , fiz o quiz e sou:

The Star Card
You are the Star card. The Star is the light of
hope. Shining in the night, sending light into
darkness, the stars provide direction to
sailors and are a field on which to dream.
Humanity used to look up at the sky and desire
to be there, to find out what it all meant, and
now we have been a distance into space and have
elementary ideas of the makeup of all the
different stars. This kind of achievement adds
further fuel to our hopes. The eternal,
slow-moving stars that will be long shining
past the end of our own existence provide hope
of immortality, and the vast space they suggest
and the very mystery they hold provide us with
excitement and knowledge yet to be discovered.
Image from: Danielle Sylvie Taylor

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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Não está nada mal, não senhor.

- Ó Pre estás um bocado abichanado na foto, confessa!
( o meu espelho não tem tento na língua)
- Lá estás tu... hoje não estou para te aturar. Amanhã conversamos.

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